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What is software architecture and why is it important?

Just as builders need blueprints, programmers and developers can’t begin to design an application unless they understand how it should function. The application’s architecture is a plan, or blueprint, that the technical team will follow, along with corresponding written specifications. By analyzing the software’s architecture, our technicians can avoid costly problem solving measures that may have been necessary later in the development stage. Potential issues can be addressed before the project begins, saving both time and resources.

Why choose Virus Inc?

Virus Inc. is among the Sri Lanka's best MS Visual Basic application architects and developers. Designing the best architecture guarantees robust, scalable, and expandable solutions that are easily maintained and error free. Virus Inc offers only the highest level of software application architecture to our clients.

Database Application Development

software development database design programming

Virus Inc. is expert in database application development & design. We understand that the success of complex applications depends on the design of the database and associated data structures. Our database design specialists have extensive experience in designing from this perspective. Getting the design right the first time means your application functions properly the first time, and every time.

Service-Oriented Architecture and Web Services

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) design practices allow businesses to leverage their investments in platforms and applications through service reuse and standards-based interoperability.

An emerging set of XML-based (Extensible Markup Language) standards and specifications called Web Services are simplifying application integration and data exchange. Virus Inc addresses many of the key challenges that businesses face today. Security, protocol limitations, transactions, application orchestration, and workflow are managed with sophisticated Web Services, which are easily created by leveraging the power of Microsoft .NET Framework.

Custom Programming

Custom Programming is the process of creating a one-of-a-kind application specifically for your unique business needs. Virus Inc creates innovative, customized software solutions that are expandable and highly scalable, allowing you to focus on current and future business needs.

The benefits of Virus Inc.’s custom programming services include:

  • Accurate, no-nonsense pricing policies.
  • Long term development, testing and reliability using uniform industry standards.
  • Detailed performance and scalability tests to confirm that your web site or custom application meets or exceeds your initial requirements.
  • Complete project documentation from its inception through completion.
  • Virus Inc.’s exceptional commitment to quality assurance and client satisfaction.

Internet Based Data Transfer Service

Pocket PC Software Development

Virus Inc also provide data transfers between branch offices using ADSL or other broadband ISPs. Whether your office is in Sri Lanka or anywhere else in the world, you can transfer you data with ease. Our servers not only support PCs, but also mobile phones/Internet Tablets with FTP programs.

We also support high secure transfers with encryption. We work closely with our clients to define concepts, specify detailed requirements, and deliver quality transfer services for internal use or mass distribution of large files. Our knowledge and experience with internet data handling makes Virus Inc the right choice for your custom data transfer service needs.