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Web Application Development

Custom Web Application Development

Custom web development Virus Inc can develop customized web applications targeting your specific needs.

Qualified programmer along with a vast pool of technical experts means Virus Inc has the resources to assemble the best possible team to implement even the most demanding web development projects.

Take Your Website to the Next Level

Improving your web site’s information architecture and adding interactive features will distinguish it from all the others. Online event or seminar registration, content management systems, eCommerce solutions, secure document transmission, and intranet or extranet solutions are just a few of the ways Virus Inc can make your website the benchmark for everyone else. Not only will we help to automate your business and reduce office expenses, online interaction will become easier and more enjoyable for both you and your web site visitors.

Website Application Modules

Web development modules

Virus Inc has developed many popular web development modules that can be customized and easily integrated into a new or existing website. All of our modules include administration features that allow you to manage them easily and cost effectively.

Some of Virus Inc.’s most popular modules allow you to easily administer:

  • Website Links
  • News & Events
  • FAQ´s
  • Articles and Press Releases
  • Job Listings
  • Staff Profiles
  • Website Photo Galleries
  • Client or Employee Newsletters
  • Ecommerce website with a Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway

Custom Solutions for Your Business

Virus Inc specializes in creating affordable, custom tailored solutions for most businesses. Experience has taught us that each business is different from the next and that “boxed”, off the shelf software solutions and web applications aren’t right for everyone. Your needs are specific to your business and most packaged applications simply are not flexible enough to address those needs and in most cases, nearly impossible to add to an existing web site without reeking havoc.

Virus Inc has a well-established infrastructure and offers a variety of interactive products at affordable prices. Our team of technical specialists has many years of experience and expertise and will develop your web site project or application within budget, on time, every time. No delays - No hassles - No kidding!

Virus Inc.’s capabilities include:

  • Programming in languages related to the web including: Visual Basic, DHTML, VBScript, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and more
  • Database design in relational databases such as MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access and others
  • Custom applications such as calendars, catalogues, secure logins, intranets, chats, site searches, calculators, and games

We are driven by process to ensure that the design, development and quality assurance are all done in a highly efficient manner.